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EdGames: The Mysterious Men of Myst

EdGames 670 is a blog about educational games, written by pupils of the EDTEC 670 course at San Diego State University.  One of this week's contributions to the blog is all about Myst.

John Miller's entry, titled The Mysterious Men of Myst, briefly explains the concept of Myst and makes mention of its sequels, including Uru Live and the recent iPhone Myst application.  He mentions how Myst was not originally conceived as an educational game, yet how others such as Tim Rylands have used games from the Myst series as teaching implements.  He indicates that he also hopes to use Myst as a tool for the instruction of narrative writing next semester, and invites comments from anyone who can provide ideas.

Mr. Miller does not indicate in the article whether he is of any relation to Rand or Ryan Miller, the creators of Myst.

Myst iPhone version 1.1.5 now available

Hi all,

Apple has turned (this new 1.1.5) update around in quick fashion and is available for download.


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Myst on the Sony PSP via Playstation Network

GamersDailyNews is reporting that Myst will be available in the USA on Sony's PSP portable gaming system through the Playstation Network as of July 16, 2009.  GDN claims that this version will include the Age of Rime.

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Myst version 1.1.3 now available

The 1.1.3 update to Myst for the iPhone and iPod Touch is now available!

For a complete list of bug fixes and new features please go to MystOnline.

Thanks from the entire Myst team.

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iMyst: Spokesman Review

To quote Tom Sowa of the Spokane Spokesman Review:


First fan reviewers of Myst for the iPhone say it's everything they expected.

Spokane game developer Cyan Worlds has released a new version of its groundbreaking game “Myst” for the Apple iPhone.

Company President (Not CEO as we earlier said) Tony Fryman said Apple approved the new application for the iPhone late Sunday.

The game can be downloaded from iTunes.com for $5.99. The game takes up more than 700 megabytes of storage, making it one of the biggest apps being offered for the iPhone, Fryman said.

In the original version, players explored a mysterious island world and used the mouse to find clues and decode puzzles or challenges.

Two challenges faced by Cyan’s developers were to use the iPhone’s touch screen technology instead of a mouse, and to maintain the high quality of the game, said Cyan Worlds CEO Rand Miller.

Fans who’ve downloaded Myst for iPhone have posted reviews saying the game provides superior-quality sound and images and retains the feeling of the original version, first released in 1994.

Revenue from the sales will be divided three ways, with Apple getting about 30 percent, and the rest split between Cyan and its Japanese partner, SunSoft.

While the app for the iPhone will generate some cash, Miller and Fryman are looking for ways to find new projects to hire back developers and designers. At present the company has fewer than 10 developers on staff.

“Now that we have our feet wet in the app development area, we have some ideas for other games that could be interesting as well,” said Miller.

Miller and Fryman have no idea what the Myst app will generate in sales. Both expect Cyan Worlds to make some reasonable amount of revenue.

"Yeah, I hope we make money," Miller said. Lees meer